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Water Softeners in Placentia

Bid Farewell to Your Hard Water Woes!

Don’t let hard water minerals like calcium and magnesium cause problems throughout your home. Instead, choose a water softener system that can elevate your household’s water quality!

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Affordable water softeners in Placentia from PCWS

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Does Placentia have hard water? You bet! In fact, some statistics estimate that as much as 85% of the entire United States has hard water! That means a LOT of homeowners are dealing with hard water problems like clogged pipes, dry skin, dull clothes, mineral buildup on fixtures, and even brittle hair. Fortunately, there IS a solution and it’s a water softener from Pacific Coast Water Systems!

Affordable Water Softeners In Placentia

What’s the point in living with the effects of hard water when there’s a better alternative? We’re talking about using soft water instead! When you choose a water softener or soft water delivery from PCWS, you’ll enjoy benefits like these:

Mineral-Free Fixtures

Say goodbye to stubborn mineral deposits that plague fixtures, appliances, and surfaces. Soft water prevents mineral buildup, ensuring a pristine environment throughout your home.

Longer-Lasting Appliances

From water heaters to coffee makers, appliances benefit from soft water. By reducing scale buildup and improving efficiency, soft water extends the lifespan of your cherished appliances, saving you time and money in the long run.

A Better Laundry Experience

When washed in soft water, clothes emerge softer, brighter, and free from mineral residue, elevating your wardrobe to newfound levels of freshness and comfort.

Healthier Skin and Hair

Hard water’s harsh nature can strip skin and hair of their natural oils, leaving them dry and lackluster. In contrast, soft water preserves the skin’s moisture barrier and leaves hair silky-smooth and radiant.

Easier Cleaning

With soft water, stubborn soap scum and water stains dissolve effortlessly, requiring minimal effort and reducing the need for harsh chemicals.
PCWS offers water softeners in Placentia at an affordable rate

At PCWS, we have some of the best water softeners in Placentia – soft water systems that come in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet your specific needs. We even have Portable Exchange Tank Service so you can get soft water without having to think about water softener maintenance or repairs.

Enjoy the Benefits of Soft Water With a Quality Water Softener System!

Whether you need a compact unit for a small household or a high-capacity system for commercial use, we have a water softener option to meet your water usage requirements. Start enjoying the benefits of soft water today!

Soft water benefits

Soft Water Benefits

Soft water can help you embrace a life filled with freshness, cleanliness, and rejuvenation. Transform your home’s water quality with soft water and enjoy safe, clean water from every faucet. Plus, you’ll save money on energy and cleaning supplies, too!

Soft water delivery schedule

Soft Water Delivery Schedule

Get soft water delivered to your door on a schedule built around YOU! Our Portable Exchange Tank Service operates on a 7, 14, or 28-day cycle. Just choose your preferred option and enjoy hassle-free soft water!

Whole house water softeners in Hacienda Heights

Whole House Water Softener Systems

When you’re looking for affordable water softeners in Placentia, talk to our water treatment experts! Our softeners come with a variety of features to meet your budget, lifestyle, and water quality and usage needs.

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