The Difference Between DI Water and Distilled Water

Dec 4, 2023

As you begin looking into various water treatment systems for your business, you will learn the names of different water treatment products that are available for lease or purchase, as well as the type of water they produce. For example, have you heard of deionized water or DI water? How about distilled water? You may be wondering what the difference is and we have the answers for you! Knowing the difference between these two water types is important because confusing the two can lead to some complications for your business or production. 

How do distilled water and DI water compare?

Simply defined, distilled water is water that is boiled into a vapor. That vapor is then condensed back into a liquid inside a different container. This process results in purified water since some impurities do not actually boil and are left behind in the first container. 

With deionized water, frequently referred to as DI water, a significant portion of the mineral ions are removed through an ion-exchange chemical process. 

It is also important to mention that:

It is safe to drink DI water and distilled water.

Deionized water is the purest form of water since almost all of its ions are removed.

With its ions intact, distilled water conducts electricity. In contrast, deionized water does not.

When choosing the best water treatment system for your commercial setting, working with water treatment professionals is essential. That’s because if you select and use the wrong system for your specific application, you could harm production, wasting time and money for your business.

As a trusted and established water treatment company in Fullerton, we want to help you find the right water treatment solution for your business, big or small. For manufacturing operations, this is key to your success and we will walk you through everything step by step.

What types of industries and applications use deionized water? 

To know if your business could be helped by deionized water, check out the list below of industries that use DI water. You might be surprised at how many different types of companies require pure water for their everyday operations and production!

Besides manufacturing and chemical processing, industries that use DI water include but are not limited to:

Aerospace Component Manufacturing

Automotive Industry

Beverage Manufacturing


Car Washes

Certain Fire Extinguishers

Circuit Board Manufacturing



Film Processing

Liquid Detergents


Printing Processes 

Window Washing 

… and many more!

DI Water Service From Pacific Coast Water Systems

If any of the industries above describe your own business, now is the time to give us a call and find out how and why you will benefit from deionized water. When it comes to water purification, the advancements in technology have really become more efficient and more effective. This means a better outcome for your production processes and a commitment to sustainability.

Contact us today to learn more about our Portable Exchange DI Water Service and deionized water solutions for commercial settings. We’ll custom-fit your deionization process to meet your needs, potentially saving you time and money!

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