Microplastics In California Drinking Water On the Agenda

Nov 15, 2022


California is about to embark on a new mission – removing microplastics in drinking water. While we applaud the efforts, we know that these things take time. But the truth is, homeowners need protection now, particularly those who currently do not have access to high-quality, filtered drinking water.

While there is currently no standard method of testing, California is going to begin to help residents with the threat of microplastics in drinking water, something we aim to do, too! There is currently not enough data or testing to be able to tell how high the levels are, or all the health effects associated with microplastics in drinking water. What we do know, though, is that the smallest nanometer scale particles can migrate through the intestinal wall and travel to the lymph nodes and other bodily organs. The situation is serious enough to cause concern and action!

What are microplastics?

There are pieces of plastic, smaller than an ant, that can be seen only with a microscope. It is these microplastics that are contaminating wildlife and humans through food, air and of course – water. Plastic waste in the ocean (like more than 8 million tons annually) takes hundreds to thousands of years to decompose. It seems nearly impossible to solve this issue completely, so the state of California has decided to be proactive, rather than reactive to a growing problem.

The next steps for removing microplastics in drinking water

Being precautionary means early action like researching microplastics and their severity or quantity found in our tap water. A standardized test is still needed, too. Once the preliminary data has been acquired and analyzed, more action can take place.

In the meantime, your next steps can be to invest in a water treatment system that will improve the quality of drinking water from your tap, removing all types of drinking water contaminants that are known or unknown. Microplastics have been found in both tap water and bottled water, so choosing bottled water isn’t a safe solution.

It’s not worth waiting for someone else to take action. A phone call with one of our water treatment experts can help you select the perfect drinking water system for the demands and needs of your household. It can also leave you feeling confident that your drinking water is as safe and pure as it should be.

The truth is, 94% of water samples from the United States contained microplastics – yours doesn’t have to be part of that statistic. If you live in Fullerton, Placentia, Yorba Linda, Anaheim, Brea, Garden Grove, Norwalk, La Mirada, Santa Fe Springs, Buena Park, or any of the surrounding cities and towns, contact us today to find the best water treatment solution for your home!


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